Home of the Moment

                  Euch interessieren die Gesichter und Leute, die hinter den Namen stecken?

                                               v.birk      ---       a.draugelates      ---     b.streicher 

              Keyboard, Softwareprogramming     Vocals, Percussions      Keyboards

                   recording, mixing & mastering          Viola, Posaune                           









                         Every month,three people meet in the yellow house.

                                                                       Sometimes guests too.

                                                           We have fun and make music.

              The bottom of our music is the improvisation of these days.

      The singing is downright improvisation, mostly recorded at once.


                                    Our  music come out of the moment!



                                           GELBES HAUS











GELBES HAUS  |  gelbeshaus24@freenet.de